Haiyan Relief Skateboard

Buy a Board. Save a life.

On November 8th, 2013, the Visayan region of the Philippines was hit by one of the strongest storms ever recorded in human history. Typhoon Haiyan took with it thousands of lives and homes that are still unaccounted for to this day. Many Filipinos were left homeless without adequate food, water, shelter, and clothing. In the midst of great despair, thousands of surviving victims attempt to rebuild their lives that were quickly torn away from them in just a matter of moments. Perilous and tragic as it seems, Filipinos will continue to rise up from this tragedy with their Heart of Resilience that has pulled the Filipino people from the deepest despairs, time and time again.

In an effort to support the relief, 100% of the profits made from these durable skateboards will go to the Typhoon Haiyan relief aid, with the help of the International Rescue Committee (www.rescue.org). Additionally, out of an outpouring of compassion, JP Morgan Chase has offered to match all donations, big and small. So please, feel free to make a contribution, as its effects can help save and nurture thousands of lives.

Direct donations will go to Haiyan Relief Bands. (www.haiyanreliefbands.org)